Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4 Ways to Read More Often

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Our spare time is more compressed than ever before, and according to this survey, 32% of Americans did not purchase any books in the past year.

Why should we read more? 

  • Reading allows us to immerse ourselves in a new world
  • Uncover knowledge we did not have before
  • Expands the mind 
  • Leads to self-improvement and higher awareness. 

Here are 4 ways to get more reading into your day:

1. Carry a book with you

Keeping a book with you allows you to use the small moments throughout your day when you have a few moments to read. We spend a lot of our time waiting, and instead of spending that time on our smartphones, we could be reading.

E-readers are also a good way to carry a book with you. Apps and mobile devices make it simpler than ever to read more often while out of the house.

2. Set aside time in the morning or at night

Taking an extra fifteen minutes in the morning when you first wake up, or at night before going to bed are great ways to clear your mind and get a little extra reading in for the day.

I personally prefer to read at night because it helps to me to relax before going to sleep. 

3. Try Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to consume literature without having to physically read a book. Especially for people who have a long commute, audiobooks can be a great way to use a long drive more productively. 

4. Keep a reading wishlist

Keeping a list of what you want to read next can help keep you motivated to read. Updating your wishlist or participating in an online reading community keeps you involved and excited about reading.

Here is a link to my personal Goodreads account, where I keep my own reading wishlist.

I keep a list with all the books I want to read next. Part of the joy of finishing one book, is starting a new one!

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Do you have a difficulty finding time to read? How do you find time in your day? Share your thoughts or reading tips below!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Professor! I do too, so I try to make the most of my time outside of classwork to enjoy reading.

  2. This is excellent advice as I try and make reading a more regular habit. Tip #1 is fantastic. I decided to try and read a book on my iPhone and found that I read it much faster than I normally would as I always had a book "in my pocket."

  3. I think your number one tip is great! Reading a book is such a better time killer than scrolling through my Facebook feed! My purse is pretty big so I'll just have to start carrying a book with me. Thanks for the tip!

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  5. These are some great tips! The books I usually read are the ones that are required for class; very rarely do I have time to read for pleasure. Normally the books I carry with me are textbooks! Hopefully after graduation I will have more spare time!

  6. Many times I read a book while stuck in traffic! It really helps pass the time. Reading is so important and I really enjoyed your blog. Very insightful!

  7. I enjoy reading, but usual make more time for school rather than personal. I do like having a kindle app on my phone so I always have a few books on me in case I want to read a book. Works great in a waiting room or in a long line. Great tips